Motivational Speeches

Throughout the ages we’ve harnessed the power of words, creating emotive and explosive motivational speeches to inspire the masses. Some of the greatest speakers in the world have used their gift to command armies, lead empires, inspire faith and spread hope, igniting passion in each individual who hears their words.

The perfect motivational speech should remind you of who you want to be. The words, providing a feeling of confidence and strength, should be potent. When you hear them spoken out aloud, you should be able to reach into yourself and find the person you want to be – this is the essence of successful motivational and inspirational speeches.

Whether using motivational speeches for students or rallying for a cause, using words to lift and inspire can leave a lasting impression. In the workplace, business speeches can lead to success when motivating teams and cultivating a sense of energy, with good speeches acting as an effective call to action.

On some occasions, once a motivational speaker leaves a room, his motivational prowess dissipates. The secret to being successful is to ensure you’ve left a lasting impression and given your audience something to consider long after they’ve listened to you.

The art of motivational speeches is in capturing attention and illuminating the imagination. Your audience may have watched you for 60 minutes, but they should feel as if they were five. Boredom is unthinkable, because when a talented speaker is in front of an audience, they should be able to make even the most mundane topic magnificent and the unbelievable, completely achievable.

Here is a list of some of the motivational seminars available:

Lead or Follow

Very few factors can contribute as much to the success of an organisation as a strong leadership structure. Management courses that supplement and augment the skills of leaders in any organisation can prove to be invaluable when it comes to increasing productivity and streamlining the workflow of businesses across the board.

The Lead or Follow seminar is geared towards providing insight into the interplay between playing a role as a leader and a follower. In attempting to answer the question of when to lead and when to follow, this seminar can become an invaluable part of any leadership development programme, or an excellent supplement to business management courses.

It’s no surprise that businesses that invest in leadership training show accelerated growth and stability over the long term. Creating a leadership structure that operates intuitively to reduce unnecessary expenditure, improve time management and eliminate the need for excessive micro-management is an integral part of building an organisation that operates without bottlenecks and excessive conflict.

The Lead or Follow seminar aims to equip business leaders and strategists with the skills required to improve efficiency through identifying and correcting time-wasting activities and to find ways to lead by example in order to ensure maximum productivity of the teams under their control. Using well-founded principles and real world examples, the Lead or Follow seminar delivers its message in a manner that is easy to understand and implement, allowing attendees to apply their newly acquired skills immediately.

If you’re looking for a high-value, effective supplement to management courses in your leadership development programme, then book the Lead or Follow seminar.

Risk vs Reward Seminars

How big does a reward truly need to be in order to warrant a certain level of risk? The Risk vs Reward seminar attempts to answer this, one of the most important questions in modern business. Making intelligent and educated decisions as to the acceptable risk levels are pivotal in ensuring the consistent growth of any enterprise and, in highly competitive industries, they can mean the difference between huge successes or critical failures.

Risk vs reward speeches should be structured in such a way as to inform the decision making process and simplify the thought process involved in making intuitive choices. The Risk vs Reward seminar, which is offered by one of the top motivational speakers in South Africa, is results-driven. It is aimed at providing real resources to decision makers in your company while steering away from overly systematic or generic approaches that can complicate the decision making process.

Attendees will acquire skills that will help them to accurately evaluate risk and potential pitfalls that may exist in any given initiative and how to weigh those risks against potential benefits or rewards. This will empower them to handle a wide range of scenarios and to make profitable decisions based on an educated thought process, as opposed to impulse.

It’s for these reasons that risk vs reward workshops are such a valuable tool for companies looking to develop their leadership training structure by investing in the decision making skills of individuals in key positions.

Using real world examples and explaining concepts in terms that can be applied directly to everyday situations ensure that attendees will be able to apply the skills they have learned immediately. Book our invaluable Risk vs Reward seminar now to see results in your company.

Leadership Development Seminar

Info coming soon!

Recession Proofing Your Business Seminar

Is it really possible to make your business recession proof? It’s without question one of the most relevant questions that the global financial crisis has risen among business owners and high level managers. What steps can be taken, what contingencies need to be put in place and what kind of strategic approach needs to be applied to ensure that a business stands the best chance of surviving a highly unstable financial climate? The Recession Proofing Your Business seminar aims to answer these questions and more.

Recession proof businesses have certain characteristics in common. Learning to emulate these characteristics can provide a high level of resiliency, even in the face of a challenging global financial crisis. The continuity of any given business hinges on its assets, its people and its ability to adapt.

This motivational seminar aims to structure a more recession proof business by equipping attendees with skills and knowledge that will help them to make intelligent decisions regarding when to downsize, when to diversify and how to balance risk when the economic climate changes.

Any proactive company that keeps a keen eye on global markets needs to equip itself with knowledge gained and lessons learned from the past, in order to make better decisions in the future. The primary goal of this seminar is to convey this knowledge in a highly practical manner, so that it can be applied to real world situations when it needs to be. Is it really possible to make a business recession proof? This seminar is a big step towards answering that question.

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